Friday, July 1, 2011

My adventure begins....

A fairy tale shattered leads to a dream come true

             Perhaps I should start by giving a little backstory and some background information on myself before we embark on this wonderous adventure together. The date was April 2010. I had just found out that my live in boyfriend of the time was cheating on me.... well that's a cliche understatement if i've ever heard one. Let me try again..... I found out the man that I planned to marry, the man i thought was my soulmate, was not the man i thought he was. How did i discover this? Well, lets just say there were dirty emails uncovered, emails telling of plans for secret rendvous in boston, shady lies and even a secret bachelor pad (separate from the home we shared together) complete with big screen TV and an XBOX! So, I know you've heard this story a thousand times so i'll give you the cliff notes version and get to the nitty gritty.
          He and I were supposed to get married and move to Germany together for two years since he was supposed to be stationed there while he was still in the military. So along with the debt he left me and my diappointment of losing my perfect little life and my soulmate, I had also lost my dream to explore Europe. I couldn't have been any more devestated. But, many boxes of tissues and tears later I devised a new plan..... I would make my dreams happen for myself!!! What a concept. My happiness in my own hands? That was upsurd..... or was it?! :)
             Over a year of planning in the making, I'm ready for my big adventure. Three months.... no less than 27 different european cities and a whole LOT of weird experiences along the way. I am jump starting this trip in Spain, where a famous award winning spanish pornstar will be showing me around and more than likely answering a few of my nosy questions on the subject. Then I willl be making my way to pamplona for the san fermin festival also known as the running of the bulls. Then switzerland for bungy jumping and zorbing (If you dont know what that is.... zorbing is a giant inflatable ball that you get into and they roll you down hills like a giant hamster). What possessed me to want to do it? I'm afraid my reasons dont have to much depth or metaphorical insight to them.... It's simple. I saw it in a jackie chan movie, and it looked cool. After that i will be hitting up paris for some retail therapy and of course Italy for some comfort food and then making my way back to spain for a festival called tomatina, which is the worlds largest tomato fight. My trip will be rounded out by heading to Oktoberfest in munich for my birthday (I've even got my authentic beer maiden dress all packed).
             If you want an idea of what it should be like think sex in the city meets andrew zimmermans bizarre foods( i love trying wacky food!), meets brigette marquardt's sexiest beaches meets frommer's travel guide with some extreme sports thrown in the mix. Im going to post pics, videos, travel tips, tricks and what my friends call "brooke-toids"* along the way.

*Brooke-toid: (brook-toe-oid) a brooke-toid is an unusually informative, if not slightly nerdy fact that was thought to be interesting by Brooke herself. Example: did you know that the candaru, or "penis fish" is a parasitic fish found in the amazon. It is attracted to the urea output of the gills of larger fish, however when a human urinates in the amazon, it will swim up the stream of urine into the mans urethra and open its barbs lodging itself in place and causing great discomfort to its host.

LIST OF PLACES I WILL BE GOING: Madrid, pamplona, san sebastian, Paris, Lauterbrunnen, interlaken, innsbruck, venice, rome, pisa, naples, pompeii, siena, florence, cinque terre, nice, avignon, barcelona, valencia, bunol, ibiza, bruges, amsterdam, berlin, prague, cesky krumlov, vienna, grenau, salzburg and munich.

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