Friday, July 1, 2011

Ah... the life of a PORNSTAR

where the magic happens, a pornstars bed

whilly rowing in el retiro park

        I had barely arrived in madrid and already i was feeling as if i had bitten off more than i could chew. The Barajas airport is so confusing. I needed a SIM card for my unlocked iphone 3 so i could get in contact with who i was supposed to be staying with. I was fresh out of the gate when I was bombarded by guys trying to sell me 200 euro SIM cards. That's a ridiculous price! I knew i could find them cheaper elsewhere. It was quite an endever finding a payphone, however and once i found the payphone, I didnt have euro coins so i had to find an ATM. So it took me about an hour to finally make the phone call to my contact here in Madrid.

           I was supposed to stay with a friend of mine, however she is out of the country at the time but arranged for me to stay with a friend of hers. Now, the interesting part is that this friend that i was going to stay with is a famous spanish pornstar. When i first learned this, i was hesitant. Would this guy be sleazy, or have hidden webcams in the bathroom? But going against my better judgement, i figured i'd give it a shot. I mean the worst that could happen is that i would have a weird story to tell my grandchildren one day.
So i waited at the airport and Whilly picked me up on foot. We hopped on the underground metro together with my luggage in tow, and proceeded to his house. Whilly had dark hair and dark eyes and was of slightly smaller stature then most american men, which is customary for spanish men. However, he seemed a bit disproportionate in his body. His forearms were slightly less long than should be and he had slight abnormality in his fingers and elbow joint. It is reminiscent of an acondroplasic dwarf but ever so slight that it was bearly noticeable to the untrained eye. But, he was all smiles when we met and he was ever so kind to take me into his place.

              As soon as we were inside, of course i began drilling him with questions. "so.... how long have you been a pornstar?" I akwardly began.... Immediately his eyes lit up and he began telling me all about his job. He got into the business 6 years ago, when a friend of his invited him to a casting and they went as sort of a joke. Whilly had always wanted to be a pornstar ever since he started masturbating to porn as a teenager. But to him it was a dream. Like a child who wants to be an astronaut when they grow up. There were 3 parts to the casting. The first was just a crowded room full of guys and a naked woman. There only task was to get an erection. Suprisingly, this was the task that most failed at. The second was a single women giving a bunch of guys oral in a round robin fashion and they were to stay hard. The third final task was to be able to "finish" on cue. Whilly passed these tasks with flying colors and out of 400 guys, 3 were chosen and he was one of them. Now he is making anywhere from a few movies a month to 3 a week.

             I asked him about a golden statue that he had proudly displayed on his mantel. It turns out that he had actually won two awards at spain's version of the AVN awards. That award was for best newcomer. We talked a lot about sex because well, lets face it.... what else are you going to talk about with a pornstar? Cooking? antiquing?

             He told me he's been with about 1000 women or so. But he says that each women and what she likes is different. His words were loosely translated "no two (almejas or) clams are alike." You hear that boys?!? I wish men would take notes on this... but maybe they will listen to an expert. There is no formula that works with each woman. First: start with a heavy makeout session, then move onto light "petting," then grab left breast with left hand and squeeze and turn in a counterclockwise motion.... NO! NO! NO! Take it from a pornstar, out of 1000 women... he has yet to find two that are identical. So, what does he do? Simple. He asks. He asks his coworkers or women to tell him if they like something or if they dont, simple as that.

               He was a very gracious host, he made me a tapas lunch and showed me around the entire city. He even took the mattress in the living room so i could sleep in his bed. I guess now i can say that ive slept in a pornstars bed. He even offered to give me an "erotic massage" complete with his patented "anal massage" that i would "like very much." He says many coworkers chose to do anal with him because of this massage. I politely decline. So sorry boys... the secrets to turning on a women with his patented "anal massage" will be safe with him. He even offered to break me into the business if I would like and invited me to make my debut on the set of the movie he is shooting this week. He said, "you will do well in this business because you are exotic and have something i just cant place my finger on." I believe the word he was looking for is je ne se quoi. But again i thank him and politely decline. But if my career in forensic toxicology doesnt pan out its nice to know i have a backfall... hahaha.

                    What is the life of a pornstar like? Well, a very stressfree one. He spends his days sleeping in and walking around the city. He has leisurely lunches and has his phone with him at all times in order to not miss a call from producers looking for their next male lead. Whilly also has a very active "social life" let's call it. He has many fans, and so many women and couples write him on his website asking for him to fulfill their sexual fantasies. As I was staying with him, he showed me an email from a young couple reguesting a threesome with him. I asked him how he responded to that? And he said that he asks for pictures and more information. One of the things Whilly enjoys is double penetration of women or women with multiple male partners. He says in an accent where the v sounds more like a b "I like this very much."
                   He also has on rare occasion guests that stay a few days in his home but he is VERY selective about these. Now what makes it through a pornstars screening process. Well, looks is only a small part. The other, which i found interesting, is personality. He told me that "looks can only take you so far, you must be open minded and we must have a connection." Whilly doesn't have relationships like most people. He has 3 month relationships that are fast but intense, he says. They never end badly, just end in a natural sort of way. He also makes live sex shows in amsterdam and brussels. The woman performer that he brings with him when he goes, aren't the hottest but they are friends of his. Even a pornstar who is living the dream knows that there is more to a women then good looks, you must have a good personality. Another lesson many men should take notes on.

               So that couple from earlier ends up sending him photos and information after all and Whilly decides to meet with them. "You are welcome to join us if you'd like," he adds. Again, I decline. I decide to get a hostel for the night so i will not be in the way of his making this young couples dream come true. But, he also has that movie he is making in alicante so this is where our road ends together. So, i bid Whilly adeu and thank him for his kind hospitality and I continue along my journey. Next stop.... running of the bulls.

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  1. Now THAT'S a story! Can't wait to hear it in person over drinks. Have fun on te rest of your trip! :)